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He Tastes Like You, Only Sweeter

Title: He Tastes Like You, Only Sweeter
Author: [Bad username: alyssathetiger]
Rating: PG - PG13?
Pairing: Rydon
POV: 1st in this one, Brendon. May change? Not sure yet.
Summary: Brendon is a vampire who has numbed all of his emotions. People are just food to him. That is, until he meets Ryan…
Disclaimer: -insert witty way to say “I don’t own” here-
Author Notes: First post to a livejournal community ever. =/ First time putting one of my stories online. -is nervous- This is just the prologue. I’m not sure about the whole plot yet. Actually, I’m only sure of like 1% of the plot so far. Bear with me here. Also I’m really bad at writing endings. Oh yeah, I totally thought of the title by myself. I didn’t even see that the banner said that until I was about to post this.

I ran towards the man, hundreds of feet in a matter of seconds. You can’t be faster than me. I flung him against the bricks of the building with little to no effort. You can’t be stronger than me. His eyes widened in fear as I pinned him to the wall, though he had no idea what I was. You can’t be scarier than me. Before he knew what was happening I’d drained him of blood and dropped his limp, lifeless body to the ground. I was there and gone. Who am I? I am Brendon Urie, and I am going to eat you alive.
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