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He Tastes Like You, Only Sweeter

Title: He Tastes Like You, Only Sweeter
Author: alyssathetiger
Rating: PG - PG13?
Pairing: Rydon
POV: 1st, Brendon.
Summary: Brendon is a vampire who has numbed all of his emotions. People are just food to him. That is, until he meets Ryan…
Disclaimer: The boys own themselves, the title is from Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy, and as far as I know this never happened.
Author Notes: Sorry this one is so short too. Me and Brendon have been having some issues. I’ll really try to make the next one longer.


“What the hell…?” I muttered, gazing at my surroundings. The buildings in this city seemed to force themselves upon you with a mixture of bright lights and loud music. Crowds of thousands mingled the streets, while thousands more lost their life to a game inside. It was a city that never slept, a city that always gave you something to do, a city in which you could spend all of your life savings in a matter of minutes. It was a tourist’s dream. It was Las Vegas. So my rampage of the continent had finally led me here. Maybe I’d stay here for a few days. Yeah, why not? Cheap hotels, crowds of people unfamiliar to the city, not to mention the nightlife. Yes, this could work in my favor. Unfortunately I’d have to wait a few days, get to know the city a little more.

With a gulp I ran away from the lights, away from the people. My will wouldn’t have held for much longer. So many people... In the split second that I glanced back I plowed into someone, knocking them over. I almost kept running, when I saw who I’d run into.

It was a boy of about 20, the same age I was when I “died.” He had thick brown hair that fell over one eye and pale skin. He had such a small frame, I was surprised he didn’t break when I ran into him. Shakily, he stood up and dusted off his jeans and black t-shirt. Thick black eyeliner lined his eyes, making him look as though he hadn’t slept in a few years. I scoffed at that. Try not sleeping for a few hundred years. Looking around, I noticed that the street we were in was deserted. Maybe I could stop for a quick snack… And then he looked at me. He had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen. They were brown with small flecks of gold and huge black pupils. They had depth, the likes of which I’d never seen before. I suddenly realized he was watching me stare at him, one eyebrow cocked. Had he said something?

“Um, what? I didn’t catch that,” I said.

“I said aren’t you going to apologize for running into me?” He was cocky, and strangely it didn’t make me want to break every bone in his body as it would with someone else.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” I replied, not really believing myself as the words fell from my lips. It was to keep up appearances I told myself. I can’t have people in this town hating me already. There would be time enough for that.

“I’m Ryan,” he said, sticking out his hand. I gently took it in my own.

“Brendon.” He gave me a crooked smile.

"So are you just visiting?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Yeah, I thought so. Most people are." He kind of sighed to himself.

"Yeah, I'm just staying here for a few days." Ryan's eyes scanned me as he gnawed in his bottom lip. It was making me nervous. It shouldn't have, there was nothing suspicious about me. Except maybe the fangs. But it was dark. He wouldn't notice them, right? And if he did I could kill him in about 10 seconds flat. No questions asked. He was just a human. Disposable and renewable. Even so, I kept my lips closed tightly over my mouth.

"Maybe tomorrow I could show you around the city. I mean, I live here, so yeah. We could like get coffee or something. If you want to. You probably wanna like go gambling or something, but if your bored..." he trailed off. This was a reaction I was more comfortable with. Nervousness, exactly as it should be.

"I don't know, maybe. I'm probably going to be really busy, but if I have time..." I could make this work to my advantage. Having him give me a tour would be much easier than doing it myself. "Why don't you give me your number?" He nodded and took a black sharpie out of his pocket. I held my hand out and he wrote his phone number on it.

“So I guess I’ll see you around maybe?” I nodded slowly as he walked away. I had a feeling that he would, in fact, be seeing me around.
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Aw, this is shaping up to be quite good, sweetie. It's definitely got potential. xD
I like it.

Thanks again for posting in our comm! We like motivated people like you. xDDD
haha, thanks.
And I'm glad I fooled you into thinking I'm motivated. :D
Ahaha you're looking quite a bit more motivated that I am. I've got three fics in progress right now. One for this comm, one Jon/Brendon one-shot that I've been working on for a week, and one for danimpa. I haven't worked on any of those in a LONG time. (except the jon/brendon one.)
haha, I may seem motivated now,
but this story probably won't ever be finished. =X
I'll write like half of a story and get bored of it.
I think I've only finished one all year and that was because I
had to for school.