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Finally getting the cajones to post.

Wow I had no idea this community existed.

TITLE: Toward the Setting Sun
AUTHOR: littlestclouds
WARNINGS: Emo vampires :(:(:(
DISCLAIMER: Way fake, dudes.
SUMMARY: The one where Pete’s an opportunistic vampire.
PAIRING: Uh, technically gen. Maybe sliiight, sliiight hints of Pete/Patrick.
WC: 2361
NOTES: I envision most of this taking place on a tourbus in an indeterminate timeline. I’m also probably wayyy off with characterizations but I figure, hey, this is vampire AU. Nothing makes sense when vampires occur. I’ll take a stab at characterization when I write something in this fandom that isn’t so cracky. Which will happen on the umpteenth of Never. This is my first official fic in this fandom. What a way to introduce oneself, huh?

( Pete ran the tip of his tongue over the point of one of his fangs, had been doing that since they – well, since they grew in, really. )
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