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Vampires Will Always Hurt You

Title: Vampires Will Always Hurt You (1/3)
Author: <lj user="naturallyxweird">
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Pete/ Patrick
POV: 3rd
Summary: The 7 sins committed by Pete after he Turned. 
Disclaimer: not true
Author Notes: Written in the form of drabbles, two sins in every chapter. Each 'Sin' is 150 words long. Un-beta'd but pre-read by my friend marie-claire.

     Patrick had known something was wrong even before Pete told them he had been Turned. As a human, Pete had always been the most energetic of all of them; even more than Andy, who worked out for hours a day, practising his ninja moves. After he got bitten, Pete got weaker. He lay in bed all day, staring at the ceiling, refusing to talk to anyone. It had taken a while, even though it was obvious really, for Patrick to figure out that what Pete needed was blood. He spent weeks devising a substitute for what Pete was denying himself. The mixture looked like a smoothie, like the ones they used to get from Brendon’s place down the road, back when Pete could drag himself out of his room. After Pete started drinking the “Blood-Substitute” he began to regain his strength , although he never truly regained all his energy. 
     Even after he gets used to taking “The Smoothie”, as Andy and Joe call it, instead of real food, Pete is still unsatisfied. He complains of hunger all the time and Patrick knows his substitute is only just keeping him together. When they’re alone, Pete whispers about how hard it is to restrain himself, to keep from biting people, even Patrick himself. But Patrick only realised how serious Pete’s cravings were when he accidentally cut his thumb while chopping Smoothie ingredients. Pete, resting against the door frame, stiffened suddenly, his mouth falling open, eyes dilating. He grabbed Patrick’s hand and sucked greedily, then he looked up at Patrick’s throat, teeth lengthening visibly. Patrick, flailing wildly, hit Pete hard between the eyes and Pete blinked, shocked, and ran out of the room in shame. He locked himself in his bedroom and wouldn’t look Patrick in the eye for a whole week. 
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