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Vampires Will Always Hurt You

Title: Vampires Will Always Hurt You (2/3)
Author: naturallyxweird
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Pete/ Patrick
POV: 3rd
Summary: The 7 sins committed by Pete after he Turned. 16-candles AU. 
Disclaimer: not true
Author Notes: Written in the form of drabbles, two sins in every chapter. Each 'Sin' is 150 words long. Title a take on "Vampires will never hurt you" by My Chemical Romance. Un-beta’d. I am currently looking for a beta so if anyone would like to volunteer pls leave a comment kthx <3
Even before he Turned, Pete was the most vain person Patrick knew. He never paid much attention to it before, had known that it was a symptom of Pete’s insecurity, but that was all. It had been annoying, the way he glanced in mirrors all the time and fixed his hair and clothes.
But everyone knows vampires don’t have reflections and now Patrick truly understands what Pete’s vanity had meant to him. Without his image, Pete is nothing; all his make-up and hair gel and loud clothes just a mask to hide behind. So Patrick starts helping Pete, running a black pencil around his eyes before they leave the house, spiking his hair with tons of sticky mess.
Patrick doesn’t tell Pete, but it kind of calms him down too, this responsibility. It helps him feel as if he really is helping Pete somehow, helps him feel useful for once.
Patrick knows Pete suffers, of course he does, he’s the one who has to look after him, but that doesn’t stop him being jealous of him.
He was always jealous of Pete’s good looks but now he’s a vampire and Patrick had always been one of those kids who thought vampires were cool. Patrick has few flaws but jealousy is one of them.
 So sometimes, when Patrick knows Pete’s defences are down, he takes advantage cruelly and teases him, baring his neck and refusing to be pushed away until the last moment, just before Pete’s fangs puncture his skin, loving the idea of actually letting Pete feed off of him.
The only reason he never lets himself get bitten is because he knows his weakness of character, knows he would become exactly the type of vampire they are hunting, giving in to the blood-lust and not caring about the consequences.
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