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Vampires Will Always Hurt You (4)

Title: Vampires Will Always Hurt You (4/3)(not a typo)
Author: ME
Rating: R, i guess
Pairings: Pete/ Patrick, Joe/ Andy
POV: 3rd
Summary: The "7 sins committed by Pete" series, last part. 16-candles AU. 
Disclaimer: YES! IT'S ALL TRUE! Why doesn't any one ever believe me? Oh yeah, fanFICTION...
A/N: Written in the form of drabbles, two sins in every chapter. Each 'Sin' is 150 words long. Title a take on "Vampires will never hurt you" by My Chemical Romance. Originally a three-part fic but I decided to post Lust seperately due to differences in length and rating. For my beta utterbasketcase.

Previously on Vampires... -> Part1 ~
                                              Part2 ~
                                              Part3 ~

And now ->

Lust )
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